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MultiPro assisting in thawing frozen pipes at a community

MultiPro tackles frozen pipe damage at Lofton Apartment Place

When a frozen pipe nightmare struck Lofton Apartment Place, MultiPro’s team came to the rescue, working directly with the property management team to fix the damage as quickly and efficiently as possible. 


  • Location: Lofton Place Apartments
  • Problem: Frozen pipes burst in 18 units, resulting in flooded/water damage, and emergency water extractions in all 18 units. 

On a cold winter evening, MultiPro received a call from Lofton Place Apartments that 18 of their units were either flooded or had sustained water damage from frozen pipes bursting. In some units, the busted pipes blew holes in the walls and ceilings, splattering plaster, drywall and water everywhere.


  • Immediate evening response
  • Water extractions, carpet/pad removal throughout the night
  • Offered restoration starting the next day
  • Management and maintenance team weren’t sure what to do, but property management let MPS start immediately and they got to work cutting out drywall and drying the interiors out


MultiPro experts arrived at the scene that evening and worked through the night on emergency water extraction, in addition to removing carpets and pads where the damage was too severe. Lofton Place’s management and maintenance team were unsure of how to proceed since they had never dealt with water damage to this extent, that is until MultiPro offered to start restoration starting the next day. Property management gave an immediate go-ahead and MultiPro got to work removing the drywall and drying out the interiors. 


Lofton Place Apartments is now a loyal customer, do their regular turn work and HVAC installations and maintenance.

Since the immediate and effective response to the damage caused by frozen pipes, Lofton Place Apartments and MultiPro have maintained a consistent relationship, beyond just emergency repairs. Now, MultiPro performs regular turn work at Lofton Place Apartments, as well as HVAC installations and maintenance services. 

“The MultiPro team acts like a well-oiled machine,” said Madiline, property manager for Lofton Place Apartments. “The repairs they’ve done so far are high quality. Some of the residents whose homes MultiPro has done work in were very pleased with their professionalism, efficiency, and quality of work. I’m very grateful we’re using MultiPro!” 


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